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Language Training

Certifications are the medals of the corporate world, one shinier than the other. We provide quality trainings for all the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Tests) level, JLPT N5 to JLPT N1, Spoken Japanese, and customized language training.

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We offer translations in a wide spectrum of fields. Translations are done by experts who take the utmost care that no information is lost in translation. With a vast experience and knowledge of the native language, our translators bring in authenticity and credibility to their work.

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We provide interpretations in all different requirements. Our interpreters bring in their expertise in various fields and continuously stay on top of the game by honing their own vocabulary to answer your needs.

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We also offer Voice-over services for a variety of offerings, such as advertisements, presentations, conferences. Our professionals provide excellent voice-over services that are at par with the native speakers.

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Welcome to Hirameki Solutions! Your one-stop shop for all Japanese bilingual needs!
Hirameki Solutions has been delivering high quality, reliable, and professional services in the field of Japanese language for more than a decade. When you entrust us with your work, rest assured, delivery will always be on time. By using Kaizen (Continuous improvement), we deliver quality services to ensure complete client satisfaction.


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